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Congratulations: you have been admitted 

to THE Ohio State University! 

Before you go any farther, take a moment to congratulate yourself because that is no small feat. We are genuinely excited to welcome you to Ohio State and to University Exploration.

Here's are some next steps for you to consider

There are a million reasons to attend Ohio State University and you are probably excited to start exploring them all.  From the alumni network to the beautiful city of Columbus, Ohio with all the study abroad, research and extracurricular opportunities between, Ohio State is THE best destination for your college career. One of the hidden gems of Ohio State is our program, University Exploration.   Whether you selected "undeclared" when you filled out your application, have found us through an admissions decision, or are having second thoughts about the major you applied for, we are happy to help you navigate the outstanding academic opportunities Ohio State offers.   ​

Speaking with an advisor in our program can really help you figure out if Ohio State and University Exploration are where you should begin your academic career. Why don't you give us a call and schedule an appointment?  You can contact us at 614-292-0646 Monday-Friday or at  


What do you need to know about being a student in our program?  


Approximately 15% of incoming first year students enroll through EXP each year

This means that you are one of nearly 1000 students who start their academic career undeclared.  Being undeclared means students are taking valuable time with guided assistance from academic advisors to truly evaluate their options before committing to a major.  This allows them to work with our advising staff to explore new fields and critically assess their strengths, interests and values and how well they match a potential area of study or career field. 

Approximately 25% of incoming transfer students enroll through EXP each year

Transitioning from one university to another can be challenging.  Some transfer students know what major they want to pursue but have additional requirements after admission that they must meet prior to being accepted to the degree program, while others are still searching for their best fit.  Our advisors will assist you in understanding your transfer credit, scheduling appropriate classes and making progress toward your degree.   If you are an admitted transfer student you should visit our Tips for a Successful Transfer site!​ 

Approximately 4-5% of current first year students who start in a major change into EXP midway through their college career

Many students apply to Ohio State in a particular major and once here and enrolled in the introductory classes decide that the major is not the right fit for them.  At this time they frequently switch into University Exploration to take advantage of our EXP 2000 class for re-deciding students, and our advising services to help them explore new opportunities.  Most of these students acknowledge that they wish they had started their academic career undecided and that they had taken more time to evaluate what they were really interested in before declaring a major. 

Students who enter EXP as freshmen are retained and graduate at the same rate as students who enroll directly in degree-granting programs

Beginning your college career undeclared does not mean that you are any less likely to be successful or to take longer to graduate than other students.  Students who embrace the opportunity to explore all their options at Ohio State typically find that their degree has more meaning and they are able to connect it more intentionally to the other things they want to accomplish during college.   Additionally they are very well versed in the outcomes of their degree and are able to articulate the transferrable skills that make them excellent candidates for graduate and professional schools, and careers.

EXP students successfully move into every academic program at Ohio State

One of the most frequently asked questions about our program is "Does starting undeclared hurt my chances of getting into a competitive major?"  Our students have successfully transitioned into every major Ohio State offers with the exception of Biomedical Science in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences which is a highly specialized and unique program that only accepts students directly out of high school. Our students do have a responsibility to help make this happen by scheduling classes as soon as they are able and by working consistently with our advising staff to strategically plan their coursework so that they are taking valuable general education courses and courses required for application to the majors.