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EXP can help if you need a new major!

​​University Exploration advisors work with students who are looking for a new major every day--if you had declared a major and now want or need to explore other options, this is the right place!

EXP advisors work with students at every academic level and can assist you in exploring your options.  We require any student who wishes to move into Exploration to meet with an academic counselor to discuss your academic record and begin goal setting.  Making this appointment is easy! You can visit "Change My Major"​​ and fill out the brief form and request that we reach out to you to schedule the appointment or you can schedule the appointment by calling 614-292-0646 during business hours.  During the first week of Autumn and Spring Semesters we offer Same Day Express (SDE) appointments, so we can get you in quickly.​

Prior to your appointment you can check out our supplemental site Exploring Majors? Explore Opportunities.​ This website provides a tutorial with resources on the best practices for searching for a new major and will introduce you to new majors each month.  

Did you know:

Approximately 5% of each incoming class starts in a college and then moves to EXP at some point during their academic career?

You will be given two semesters (excludes summers) to explore majors if you move into EXP?

EXP advisors can help you determine how the coursework you have already taken meets degree requirements across majors and programs?​​​