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Adjusting your Class Schedule for Autumn 2022 semester

Are you a continuing Ohio State student or a new to Ohio State starting in Autumn 2022?

  • For all new Ohio State students, all class adds and drops for Autumn 2022 need to be made by University Exploration advising on your behalf. You can contact your advisior via email or schedule an "Express" appointment (details below). 

  • Continuing students can add their own classes using Schedule Planner + My BuckeyeLink page through Friday, Aug 26 as long as there is a seat open and prerequisites are met. (Continuing students may also drop courses on their own through the first 4 weeks of the semester.)

Contacting University Exploration Advising and scheduling an advising appointment

  • You may schedule a 15-minute appointment if… you have 1-2 quick scheduling needs and want an advisor's help with it. 
    • In OnCourse you'll select "Advising" as the type of appointment you want and "Same Day Express (phone/remote)" as your Service. Note: our Same Day Express Appointments are only scheduled through OnCourse. Despite the name, they are not always available on the same day you are scheduling.

  • You will want a 30-minute appointment if… you have lots of changes to make to your schedule or want to talk urgently about choosing a major or have a time-sensitive form for your advisor to fill out. 
    • In OnCourse you'll select "Advising" as the type of appointment you want and as your service "Academic Status/Academic Success Support (phone/remote)" or if you are an Honors student "Honors Advising (phone/remote)".
    • You may also make a 30-minute appointment over the phone.

Waiting Lists

  • Waiting lists are active through the first Friday of the semester (Fri, Aug 26).
  • Some high-demand courses have their own special processes for managing demand for their courses in the first two weeks of the term. These include Math classes, Chemistry, Physics and Biology lab classes, English 1110, Statistics, Computer Science and Spanish classes. If you are trying to get into one of these classes, you can visit this Exploration webpage for further instructions.
  • For most other classes, if you are on a waiting list you may message the instructor to ask if they are willing to sign you in over the limit. If they are willing, you may forward that message to your advisor (by Fri, Aug 26) and we will add you to the class.
  • After Fri, Aug 26 up until the end of Week 2 (Fri, Sept 2), you will need instructor's permission for any late add, even if a seat is open.

University Exploration Advising: Serving you in Autumn 2022 Semester

Our virtual front desk

  • Not sure of your next step? You can always contact our virtual front desk at 614-292-0646. Virtual front desk hours are 8:15am-5pm, M-F.

Scheduling an appointment

    • Schedule via Oncourse: Current EXP students can make virtual advising appointments via OnCourse.
    • OR schedule an appointment by calling our virtual front desk.
    • University Exploration offers remote virtual appointments using Zoom and in-person appointments.

Drop-in with the Director

  • Director Peter Spreitzer will be hosting "Drop-In with the Director" every Friday morning from 10 AM to Noon. Zoom link:
    • A one-on-one appointment with your advisor is the way to go for an in-depth, private conversation. But if you want to drop-in with a question or a request, want to chat about classes or majors or just looking for some conversation or support, this is an informal group advising opportunity for you every Friday.

Other Campus Resources:

  • For any questions about Financial Aid or your balance with the University, please contact Buckeye Link by phone (614-292-0300) or email
  • For any questions about University Housing, email
  • To register for or access accommodations, contact Student Life Disability Services (website).
  • To access counseling sessions at no extra cost, visit our Counseling & Consultation Service site.
  • For information related to campus public health (covid, etc.), visit the University's Safe and Healthy Buckeyes site.


University Exploration - 352 Denney Hall 

164 Annie & John Glenn Avenue - Columbus, OH 43210

614-292-0646​ -