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EXP Staff

University Exploration (EXP) staff members are professional academic advisors who can help you navigate your academic path at Ohio State. Your advisor is an excellent resource: in addition to helping you assess yourself, explore major options and select courses, your advisor can assist or refer for any academic or non academic needs.  All of the advisors on staff have a minimum of a master’s degree from various academic backgrounds, including English, Sport & Exercise Humanities, Education, Social Work, and Higher Education & Student Affairs. The advisors have been trained extensively on all majors at the University. EXP advisors are generalists, which means that they can advise you on the general education curriculum, the pre-requisite courses, the minimum grade point average, and the application procedures for all majors. Once you decide on a major, your advisor will encourage you to move into your new academic college so that you can begin working with an advisor who is an expert in that academic discipline.

Your assigned advisor will teach your University Survey course and will work with you through individualized appointments. You are encouraged to meet with your advisor at least once per semester and are welcome to meet as frequently as needed. EXP advisors engage in conversations about interests, strengths, values, and goals in order to recommend majors to explore. The General Education (GE) requirements can be used to understand the type of information you will study in a discipline and to give you a feel for the coursework in a variety of majors. Therefore, your advisor will recommend classes to assist you in your exploration process and fulfill graduation requirements.

EXP advisors recognize that many students are hesitant to declare a major if they cannot see how it directly relates to a career. In addition to a partnership with Career Counseling and Support Services, EXP provides students with resources that make the major/career relationship more transparent. You will learn about the relationship between your major and potential careers, the value of a liberal education, and how to build transferrable skills that will make you a more marketable employee when you have your diploma in hand.


Staff Directory

Sesan Badejo, Senior Academic Advisor
Education: BA in French from University of Ibadan, MS in Political Science from University of Lagos, MS in International Relations from London School of Economics and Political Science, PhD in Political Science from State University of New York at Albany
Special populations: Exploration Living-Learning Community

Brad Burton, Academic Advisor

Education: BS in Communication from Ohio University, MA Higher Education in Student Affairs from The Ohio State University, MBA from Capital University

Shea Davis, Academic Advisor 

Stephanie Elliott, Advising Manager

Education: BFA in Theatre and MA in Education from New York University; MA in English from The Ohio State University
Special populations: Honors and Military and Veterans

Tyshawna Frazer-New, Academic Advisor

Ericka Gunn, Senior Academic Advisor
Education: BSEd in Exercise Science and LSW, MSW in Social Work from The Ohio State University

Sarah Mouncey, Office Associate ​​

Margaret Nevrekar, Senior Academic Advisor
Education: BA in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies from Miami University, MA in Higher Education-Student Affairs from The Ohio State University

Brian Oilar, Senior Academic Advisor
Education: BA in History and Economics from DuPaw University, MA in Physical Education with a Coaching Specialization from Ball State University

Kennetia Ratleff-Horton, Senior Academic Advisor

Education: BA in English Writing from Heidelberg University and MBA from Urbana University

Peter Spreitzer, Director

Education: BA in American Studies (History and Literature) from University of Notre Dame and MA in English (Literature and Culture) from Oregon State University

Deborah Stroh, Office Associate ​​

Dominique Todd, Academic Advisor
Education: BS in Fashion Merchandising and Public Relations from Kent State University and MPS in Fashion Marketing from Lim College

Nicole Vangas, Advising Manager
Education: BA in African Studies and Anthropology from University of Pittsburgh and MA In Comparative Studies from The Ohio State University