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You can start preparing for orientation now!

Have you been admitted to Ohio State and paid your acceptance fee but have not yet scheduled an orientation?

If you are an incoming freshman click here.

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What is Orientation?

Orientation is the very first day that you will experience what being a Buckeye is truly like.  You will have the opportunity to visit campus  and take part in an experience designed to acclimate you to the campus environment  and to provide you with the information necessary to be academically successful at Ohio State University.  It is a very important part of your first semester at Ohio State, and will familiarize you with campus as well as allow you to schedule your classes.

What If I Cannot Attend Orientation ?

We understand that on occasion the days that orientation is offered do not coincide with days you are available.  If you absolutely cannot rearrange your schedule to attend orientation you can contact the Orientation office to schedule a referral orientation.  These referral orientations are not recommended as a substitute for the regular orientation and should only be scheduled if there is no possible way you can attend the regular orientation.

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I am a new first year student beginning in Autumn Semester

I am a new first year student beginning in Spring or Summer

I am a new transfer student or a non-traditional first year student age 21 or over