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Trying to get into a class in Weeks 1 and 2 of the semester


​​Most high-demand classes have their course enrollment policies set at the department or course coordinator levels, including those below.

(For most other, smaller courses, a student is welcome to ask the instructor for permission over the limit in Week 1 and late enrollment permission in Week 2. The instructor has discretion to approve or deny these requests. You can find an instructor's name on the Class Schedule through and then you can use their name to find their email address using Ohio State's Find People directory.)

Waiting lists are active through Friday of Week 1. After this point, most high-demand courses have instructions on actions that should be taken by students still seeking enrollment.


Questions can be directed to
​Details for Week 2 math scheduling can be found here:

Note: Late adds will not be permitted for Math 1116, Math 1125, Math 1126, Math 1135, Math 1136, Math 1165, Math 1166, Math 2167 and Math 2168. Enrollment into these courses is only permitted through the first week of the semester. 


​Enrollment Policies for General Chemistry Courses (CHEM 1110, 1210, 1220, 1250, 1610, 1620, 1910H, 1920H)

Site with details:

Use waiting lists in Week 1.

After Friday of Week 1, waiting lists are no longer active.

For permission in Week 2, contact the Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry for permission:

Undergraduate Studies Office
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Celeste Lab, Suite 110
120 W. 18th Avenue
(614) 292-6009 or (614) 292-1204

More detailed instructions on what if you miss a lab while on the waiting list, switching sections, switching from CHEM 1210 to 1110, etc.:


​Helpful FAQs here:

Use WL in week 1. Students who are #1 or #2 for a lab can attend the lab.

What if I get in but after the first lab? Contact the TA for makeup activity. TA contact info available on Carmen.

After waiting list goes inactive, if you are not enrolled in a class by the first Friday of the semester, you must contact the course coordinator of the class in which you are interested (see the people page) to be enrolled in an open seat. Any open lab seats will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Instructors cannot give permission.

For Biology 1101, 1102, or 1105, contact Adam Andrews.

For Biology 1113, 1113H, 1114, or 1114H, contact Jonathan Horn.


​Students with questions about Physics 1200-1201 or Physics 1250-1251 should contact Dr. Raju Nandyala (the Physics 1200-1201 course manager) or Dr. Michael Ziegler (Physics 1250-1251 course manager).


​Stats has a very detailed list of instructions for students trying to get into their classes:

Basic gist:
  • Their instructors are not the people to ask for permission into a class: Jean Scott is. Her  email address is and her phone number is 614-688-5913.
  • Week 1: get on the waiting list
  • Stats 1350 and Stats 1450 will not add students after Friday, Aug 27 according to their site above.
  • All other stats classes will add students late through Tuesday, Aug 31 if there is space.


​Week 1: they'll let the waiting list work through week 1
After Friday of Week 1: if any seats are open in week 2, contact the course coordinator for permission to enroll:


​Week 1: they'll let the waiting list work through week 1

Week 2: if any seats are open in week 2, students can ask the instructor for permission – they have discretion, but in most cases, instructors will let students add as long as seats are available.  

​Spanish 1000-level

​Details found here:

Use waiting list in week 1. Instructors won't add over the limit.

Week 2 add requests are unlikely to be approved. 

Megan Lobert is the contact for questions: