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How Do I Explore Majors?

Choosing a major is a great deal like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. There are many pieces that must be identified, examined, and placed in relationship to each other before the complete picture emerges.

Ohio State offers over 200 majors and almost as many minors. In order to graduate you will declare and complete the requirements for your major as well as completing General Education (GE) coursework. You have many options for crafting your overall degree plan.          

In addition to the resources listed below, you can check out our supplemental site  ​Exploring Majors? Explore Opportunities.  This site will introduce you to new majors each month and provides instructions for activities that can assist you in doing research on majors that you might one day declare. 


A complete alphabetical listing of all majors offered at The Ohio State University with links to major descriptions, sample schedules, further contact information and college websites.
Meta-Majors: Broad Fields of Study

​Meta-Majors help to group the 200 Ohio State majors into broader theme areas.  The majors in each theme have commonalities and in many cases share required coursework.

Contains a complete alphabetical listing of all minors and links to PDF files which outline minor requirements
Occupational Outlook Handbook

Review statistics and detailed information about careers, including salaries, expected job growth, education and training needed, etc.