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University Exploration Advising:

Serving you in the Autumn 2023 Semester

Scheduling for Spring 2024


In addition to consulting with an expert (i.e. your advisor), here are some general tips on planning your Spring 2024 schedule:

  1. See exactly when your official Spring enrollment window opens.
    • Click on "Details" underneath your "Enrollment Information" box which appears on the right side of your My Buckeye Link page. Aim to start adding spring classes right when your spring window opens – you can always make adjustments later on.
  2. Use Schedule Planner to plan your ideal Spring schedule.
    • Even before your scheduling window opens officially, you can start planning your Spring schedule using Schedule Planner. (You can click here for a guide on using Schedule Planner.) Once your window opens, you'll be able to send your schedule plan from Schedule Planner to your Shopping Cart to officially add your Spring 2024 classes.
  3. Run a Degree Audit

Autumn Drop Deadline
(& Grade Forgiveness Deadline if you are in the 2nd attempt)

  1. Considering dropping an Autumn class?

    • The deadline to drop a semester-long was Friday, Oct 27 (the 10th Friday). If you are struggling in a class please consult with an advisor to discuss your options.
  2. Retaking a class and planning to use Grade Forgiveness? 

    • Friday, Oct 27 was also the deadline for requesting Grade Forgiveness if you have questions about grade forgiveness, including questions about submitting a late Grade Forgiveness form, please consult with your advisor.

*** The following specializations in Engineering/CIS are no longer options for current Ohio State students who are not already in the associated premajors 

  • Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
  • Computer & Information Science (CIS)
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering

If you are a prospective student planning to apply to Ohio State and are interested in the above majors, please plan to apply directly to those majors when you complete your applications.

Current students can view the College of Engineering's policy and see which specializations are accessible to current students at the Engineering advising webpage on Applying to Major. Current students who were interested in the above majors but are now unable to access them can consult with Engineering advising to discuss which available specializations can help them meet similar career goals and can consult with University Exploration advisors to discuss alternative majors outside of Engineering. 

    ur front desk
    • Not sure of your next step? You can always contact our virtual front desk at 614-292-0646 or our actual front desk at 352 Denney Hall. Front desk hours are 8 am - 5 pm, M - F.

    Scheduling an appointment

      • Schedule via Oncourse: Current EXP students can make virtual advising appointments via OnCourse.
      • OR schedule an appointment by calling our virtual front desk.
      • University Exploration offers remote virtual appointments using Zoom and in-person appointments.

    Other Campus Resources:

    • For any questions about Financial Aid or your balance with the University, please contact Buckeye Link by phone (614-292-0300) or email
    • For any questions about University Housing, email
    • To register for or access accommodations, contact Student Life Disability Services (website).
    • To access counseling sessions at no extra cost, visit our Counseling & Consultation Service site.
    • For information related to campus public health (covid, etc.), visit the University's Safe and Healthy Buckeyes site.


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    164 Annie & John Glenn Avenue - Columbus, OH 43210

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