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How Does University Exploration Assist Your Student?

Every student in EXP is assigned an academic counselor, a trained professional advisor who has experience working with college students to help them decide on a major. We help students who want guidance in selecting a major and also assist students who have decided on a major and need to finish up prerequisites before they can declare. EXP is Ohio State’s advising unit with responsibility for knowing all of the majors, minors and degree programs available at the university.


Academic Advising

​Your student's academic counselor will assist through:​

  • Individual Appointments: Academic Counselors want to know your student, and the best way to do that is through individual appointments. There is no limit to individual advising appointments—a student can meet with an academic counselor every week, every term, or every semester. We strongly recommend meeting that each student meet with an advisor at least once per semester.  ​

  • Strategic Scheduling: Ohio State has a liberal arts core, called the General Education (GE), that gives students a broad foundation across many disciplines. This core can constitute about half of the hours required for a degree, and we are skilled at helping students use the GE to:

          • ​​meet degree requirements 

          • explore major interests, and 

          • take care of prerequisites needed for majors your student may be considering. 

  • Semesterly Reviews: Each semester, an advisor will proactively check progress and send every student they advise an email reviewing academic performance and future schedule choices.  S/he will make observations about how things are going and offer assistance. We care a lot about our students and want to do everything we can to help them select majors and stay on track for timely graduation.​


University Survey: EXP 1100

​University survey provides students with a foundation to be successful at Ohio State. Every student is required to take survey during the first term of enrollment and the class is taught by an EXP academic counselor.  Every college offers a university survey course to cover policies, procedures and degree planning. In Exploration, we cover degree planning by helping students complete self-assessment activities and matching results to available majors. We also review degree requirements and help students learn more about the General Education core as well as prerequisite courses that may be needed based on areas of interest. Your student will create a schedule plan for the following term, and will develop an action plan for the next several semesters to help him/her continue to explore options.    

​​Personal Assessment

Part of the process of selecting a major starts with self-assessment. This information can be used to help a student explore majors and find options that are best suited to their goals and style. The personal assessment inventories taken through the University Survey course are matched to Ohio State majors during college led class presentations. Your student's advisor can help interpret  results and will also offer referrals to more in-depth assessment if desired.     ​

Support from the Start

One of the best ways to stay on track academically is to get help at the first sign of struggle. Exploration offers students the opportunity to sign up for early intervention outreach which includes tips and strategies, and helps students navigate the plethora of resources available on campus. Your student doesn’t have to figure everything out alone, and we really want to help connect students to the right people and opportunities.