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Introspection plays an important role in exploring majors. Certainly you want to know what majors are available to you, but finding a good fit in a major also involves learning about yourself.

In addition to working with an Exploration advisor, there are resources on campus and online that will help you assess yourself:


FOCUS 2 Career
FOCUS 2 Career is an online self-assessment tool that will help you explore majors and career options, and then direct you to customized major and career resources. FOCUS is free for OSU students, and is available through Many more assessments are available through Career Connection for a reasonable fee. See their website for a list.


Career Counseling & Support Services
Career Counseling & Support Services counselors will help you discover which career types might be a good fit for your personality, values, strengths, and talents. Looking at careers can be very helpful for students still searching for a major. In some cases, a student will find a career goal and base a major decision off of that goal. In other cases, you will find that your career goals are achievable with a variety of undergraduate majors. Walk-in hours and the phone number for making an appointment are listed on the Career Counseling & Support Services website.


OSU Courses Involving Self-Assessment:
ARTSSCI 1900 - Career Readiness for Arts & Sciences Majors (1 credit hour, graded S/U)
Broaden your understanding of career fields and learn about how to begin working toward your career goals. Learn to write resumes, obtain internships, and find employment after graduation.

ESCE 2270.01 - Seminar: Self-Career Development (2 credit hour, graded S/U)
An opportunity for self-exploration and skill development; exploration of vocational and educational interests.

ESCE 2270.02 - Seminar: Personal Growth to Increase Career Competencies (2 credit hour, graded S/U) Strategies to for effective development beyond the level of average performance.

ESCE 2270.03 - Seminar: Study Skills Related to Career Goals (2 credit hour, graded S/U)
Designed to assist underachieving students with their efforts to ascertain and resolve the causes of low academic productivity; attitudinal and behavioral skills emphasized.

EXP 2000 - Major Exploration for Continuing Students (1 credit hour, letter graded)

This how-to redecide course guides students through the redeciding process and formulating a new academic plan at Ohio State.  Students will explore potential majors through self-assessments, exposure to degree programs and through looking at careers.