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News and Research on Exploring Majors and Careers

There is a lot of information out there about majors, careers​, and being undecided about your path in college.  In addition to our annual report, which includes information on current initiatives and statistics for EXP students, we've included links to some of our favorite articles and pieces on these topics:


EXP in The Lantern: Ohio State's student run newspaper

Ohio State aims to increase retention rates, by Regina Bonfiglio   3/31/14

Commentary: Let passion, interest guide the way to the perfect major selection, by Logan Hickman   12/3/13

Top 20 Honors go to Ohio State for veteran-friendly factors, by Mario Robertson    12/2/13

Majority of Freshmen in US Report Having Difficulty Selecting Major, by Madelyn Grant    11/26/13

Commentary: Exploration program helpful resource in major decision, by Matthew Miles    10/27/13

Exploration major..., by Anthony Szuhay    2/9/13

Don't be afraid to seek help when searching for a major, by Caitlin Essig 8/27/12


Articles and Information related to exploring majors:

3 Things undecided majors should look for in colleges, US News and World Report Alexandra Pannoni, 9/26/16

Decision Time, Inside Higher Ed Carl Straumshein, 8/24/16

Switching majors might actually be a good idea, EAB, 8/24/16

How meta-majors guide students toward on-time graduation, EAB Julia Haskins, 7/26/16

College Majors are Neither Panacea nor Poison, Forbes, July 2016

Un-Undeclared, Inside Higher Ed Josh Logue, 9/11/15

Salary Increase by Major, The Wall Street Journal, 2015

If Students Are Smart, They'll Major in What They Love, Cecilia Gaboschkin, 5/2015

TED Talk: How Schools Kill Creativity, Ken Robinson, 2/2006

TED Talk: A Call to Reinvent Liberal Arts Education, Liz Coleman, 2/2009

Liberal Arts Disciplines Prepare Graduates for Long-Term Professional Success, Association of American Colleges and Universities, 1/22/14

Who says liberal arts majors can't make a good living?, Marketplace Education, 1/22/14

The Real Reason New College Grads Can't Get Hired, Business Times     11/10/13

Study: High School Grads Choosing Wrong College Majors, US News and World Report    11/11/13

ACT College Choice Report 2013-2014

Collegiate Employment Research Institute Report on Recruiting Trends 2013-2014

Association of American Colleges and Universities 2013 Employer Survey

NACE Job Outlook: Skills/Qualities Employers Want 2013 and Video with Employer Tips

Changing Majors is No Big Deal if the Timing is Right, The Chronicle of Higher Education  6/3/12


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